Pastor B.A. Vinay Kumar's Sermons on The Book of Genesis.

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Pastor B. A. Vinay Kumar

Founder and President of Vineyard Ministries

Pastor B. A. Vinay Kumar is spreading the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ with Vineyard Ministries for a long time. He is making many people to know the word of God through his emmense and very attractive speaches and sermons.

Mr. B.A. Anandam and Mrs. Deborah with theophany of God started “New Jerusalem Church” in 12th April, 1998. After two years in 2000 their son Pastor B. A. Vinay Kumar heard Lord’s voice and surrendered himself to His Gospel service and continuing his work to spread Lord’s kingdom through New Jerusalem Church. God is using him with his blessing and the church is continuously growing in numbers.

Worship timings at Church

Our church programmes timings are as follow:

Place: New Jerusalem Church, #37 - 42, Jagathgirigutta, Hyderabad, Telangana, South India

Sunday Worship (ఆదివారం ఆరాధన)

1st Service
2nd Service
(Telugu - Hindi)

Sunday School - 1st batch

3rd Service
(Telugu - Kannada)

Sunday School - 2nd batch

4th Service

Intercession Prayers (విజ్ఞాపన ప్రార్థన)

Every Friday

All Night Prayer Worship (రాత్రి కావలి ప్రార్థన)

Last Night of Every Month

Gospel Services & Trainings

We have various services and training programmes throughout the year

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Pastor's meeting

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Women's Meeting

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Family Retreat

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Sunday School

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Youth Retreat

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Christmas Special

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Request a Prayer

Feel free to ask us to pray for your problems/ worries, we always make sure to pray for others in our daily prayer through cells